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Hyperlocal Marketing: The Small Business Secret Weapon
Small businesses love it, and big companies hate it, here’s why.   What is hyperlocal marketing? Hyperlocal marketing involves targeting a small market in a specific geographic location.  So instead of a marketing strategy targeting Australians between the ages of 16-64, a hyperlocal marketing campaign would target Australians that live or work in a specific suburb or a few streets within it. Does hyperlocal marketing work? Hyperlocal marketing works well when done right...Read More...

SEO & Your Instagram Page: Quick Tips
Competing for likes on Facebook and Instagram is tough but you can use SEO to boost engagement. Learn how in the latest Bloomtools guide about using SEO for social media.Read More...

Universal Analytics End Date: Why People Are Concerned and When to Migrate
Google’s Universal Analytics headstone has been collecting dust for a few years, but recently, Google gave it a wipe over and inscribed a date.  For a few years, marketing companies, data junkies, website designers, and digital experts have been using two versions of Google Analytics: Universal Analytics, and Google Analytics 4.  But now, after 10 years of valuable service, Universal Analytics will be shut down on two dates: July 1 2023 all free users October 1 202...Read More...

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We have gone out in search of the best businesses, so you can find what you are looking for.  If your business is not listed on here yet, and we haven't called you - either fill out the form here, or give us a call.

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Featured business - this month:

Imagine being organised in the morning and simply finding the clothes or fashion accessory you are looking for, having your life uncluttered and space maximised so you can do more with what space (whether it be big or small).  That is when you need to call Designer Wardrobes Phone 07 5597 3355.  Covering the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Designer Wardrobes will add value to your house and life!


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