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Open Source vs Proprietary CMS
Choosing your website platform is a huge decision - with the variety of choices out there, it can be tough to know you're making the right one for you and your business. Your website should be easy to use, optimised for search engines and regularly updated. On top of all of this, it should have the capability to align with your businesses needs and goals. There's numerous platforms that might fill the bill for your business, so how do you choose? Well, that will depend on what your online needs are. This article should help you understand the choices and is designed for small... Read More...

LinkedIn For Business - Is It Worth It?
LinkedIn is new age networking at it's finest. Alongside a growing user base and a positive reputation as a marketing tool, LinkedIn's core purpose is building business-to-business contacts and networking opportunities. So how can you use this tool to grow your business? It's not so much about selling and pushing your product or services; in fact, that type of behaviour is highly frowned upon. From a marketing perspective, LinkedIn is more about building your brand, appealing to your connections and other businesses without a sales-y approach. With so many benefits for bus... Read More...

7 Essential Tips To Grow Your Business
Are you looking to switch up your marketing strategy and grow your business? Our team has put together a list of essential tips and tricks to get you started. 1) Evaluate your competitors Start by doing a Google search for your type of business and identify your key competitors. Write up a list of elements on their site and take note of improvements you'd like for your own website - when you're done, discuss your findings with your Bloomtools consultant to get those changes set in motion. What to look for: The layout of their website, including any imagery and wording... Read More...

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