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How Reviews Can Help Grow Your Business Online
When it comes to the purchase decision, your customers' decisions are going to be affected by your reviews online, in fact, 85% of customers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Considering the importance of reviews, you might be wondering how to generate more reviews for your business. Keep reading to find out some tips to get more reviews on your business and how to use them to generate further sales.   How to Get More Reviews For Your Business Make yourself available on multiple platforms: Submitting a review is easier when the business yo... Read More...

How Website Navigation Can Boost Your Sales
A website is an amazing tool to market your business but to be effective, it needs to be optimised. One of the most important factors to this optimisation is your website's navigation. Imagine your website is a large department store and you've just walked into it for the first time, you're looking for something specific but how do you get there? Your website is no different to consumers and when they first enter your site, you need to make sure they can easily find exactly what they need. If you're a navigation expert, you can even direct them to picking up a little b... Read More...

What is Multi-Channel Marketing? And How Can it Benefit Your Business?
It's hard enough marketing one channel, now you're telling me I've got to do it three or four more times?   What is multi-channel marketing? Multi channel marketing refers to using multiple channels to reach audiences and potential customers. These channels are often a combination of direct and indirect communication outlets like catalogues, email, websites and social media. A company could use any combination of: Website/digital storefront Social media (multiple channels, Facebook, Instagram etc.) Email Blogs/digital newsletters Catalogues and ... Read More...

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