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6 Tips for Creating Video Content at Home
While some of us are now working from home for the time being, that doesn't mean working on your business has to stop. In fact, this provides ample opportunity to try something new, such as giving the extremely effective video content a go. Videos are becoming essential for websites - "Users spend 88% more time on websites that have videos" (source: Forbes), but also in your emails - "Emails are opened 7% more when they have the word 'video' in the subject line". And when it comes to marketing on social media it is a must. Now, before you think you can&... Read More...

How to put a COVID-19 notification on your website
Whether your team is working remotely, you have a physical location still open for business, you're currently meeting or visiting clients, or if you've sadly had to close for a while, it's important to let people know how, if and when you are operating during this uncertain time. Google recommends updating your My Business listing if your opening hours have changed and it wouldn't hurt to let existing customers know via email if you utilise database marketing, however a great place to include a COVID-19 notification is on your own website. The Home page of your website... Read More...

Creative Ways Businesses Are Adjusting During the Corona Times
It goes without saying that times are different. They're also incredibly uncertain - especially for businesses. Maybe the thought has crossed your mind, "to market or not market?" while this uncertainty lingers. Let's look at history - during the GFC, there were so many businesses stunned by what was happening globally, they stopped financing their marketing. However, the few that carried on were some of the few that came out stronger and able to hit the ground running faster than others. So don't think about stopping; think about what you need to do to adjust to... Read More...

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