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What is Local SEO and Why Your Business Needs It
Have you ever been in a new place and wanted to know where your nearest coffee shops were? All it takes to find out is the simple search of "coffee" to bring up all the nearby espresso hot spots - and you didn't even have to type in "near me" or your location for this to happen. This type of SEO optimisation is known as local SEO and the good news is that it doesn't just work for coffee businesses. Whether you're a local printer, building supplier or plumber, local SEO is important to you and your business. Here's why. Presenting ample opportunity to ... Read More...

5 Tips on How to Use Pinterest to Boost Your Business
We all know how important leveraging social media platforms is in today's modern age. Think you've ticked all the boxes with Instagram, Facebook and Youtube? Think again. Pinterest is the fastest growing social platform in the nation with over 7.3 million visitors and a rapidly growing user base. But a new social platform can be intimidating if you're unfamiliar with it. No need to worry - we've lined up the top 5 tips for growing your business with Pinterest. 1. Create pins Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine. You want your pins to not only relate to your ... Read More...

SEO Health Check
What is an SEO Health Check? A healthy website is vital to the online presence of your business. Technology is constantly changing, and a regular SEO health check (whether it's once, twice or even three times a year) helps ensure your website is up-to-date with Google's standards and also allows you to improve your website without the time and cost of a monthly service.   Who is an SEO Health Check for? An SEO health check suits those businesses that want an update on how their online presence is going but don't necessarily want or need (or have the budge... Read More...


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